Kid Influencers Promote Junk Foods On Social Media

Kid Influencers On Social Media Promote Junk Foods Causing Concern For Many

KID INFLUENCERS PROMOTE JUNK FOODS – Health is one of the most important things we should get into, especially amid the pandemic.

As such, parents, especially, are gearing toward a healthier diet for their kids. However, with the recent spike of “influencers” on social media platforms such as YouTube, promoting junk food, this becomes a major concern.

According to a new study, within the 50 top viewed kid influencers on YouTube, 9 out of 10 have featured unhealthy junk foods. Furthermore, nearly 1 in 3 promote fast-food branches.

Kid Influencers Promote Junk Foods On Social Media
Image from: The Day Explorer

For the study, the researchers viewed the top five influencers’ 50 most clicked-on videos. Afterward, they sampled 50 of those videos and discovered that they included foods or beverages. Meanwhile, videos featuring junk food or drinks had over 1 billion views.

Based on an article from USNews, “Nearly 43% of the videos featured food or beverages. Just 3% included healthy foods, such as fruits or vegetables, while 90% featured foods considered unhealthy. More than 90% also featured branded food or beverage products.”

According to Dr. Yolanda Evans of Seattle Children’s Hospital, parents would often think that kids watching videos from YouTube Kids would be okay if left unsupervised. However, she noted that the landscape of advertising has completely changed with some of the ads being subtle and unnoticed.

But, she emphasized that the “programming isn’t completely benign”. As such, she suggested that parents should ask their kids if they want a specific toy or food where they saw it from: an ad? or because of a video? Evans explained that kids should be taught to be smart about consumer media.

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