Cooking Shares The Same Roots As Magic – Pinoy Recipe

This Is How Cooking Shares The Same Roots As Magic

COOKING AND MAGIC – We all know that cooking in itself could already be considered as magic, but who would’ve thought it actually shares the same roots?

In ancient Greece, the word “cook” and “priest” were one in the same – “mageiros”. This meant that it shared an etymological relationship with “magic”. Furthermore, the word was brought to life again in 1814.

This time, it was in an old English book called the “School for Good Living”. Here, they described a “cook and an artists in good living” as “magirist”. Certainly, this enforces the etymological connection between cooks and magic.

Cooking Shares The Same Roots As Magic – Pinoy Recipe
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Back in the olden days, there weren’t many things to work at, no recipes to follow, merely intuition and experience. However, this was more than enough to create a different kind of magic.

If we look at what modern magic is today, we already know that behind every act, there’s always a trick, a secret. But, this is not magic. Instead, we could find the magic in the expressions and joy of the people of which the magic was made. Likewise, the same goes for cooking.

Creating a delicious meal not only satisfies our taste buds, but it also creates a moment – memories etched in history. That’s why tasting familiar food takes us back to the past. This is how our senses play a role in preserving precious moments we thought we’ve lost.

According to an article from Medium, Dana Velden said:

When we cook, we are expressing ourselves completely, for we always cook within the context of our lives

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